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Using Access Keys

The navigation bar on the left lists the specifications for the access keys of this web site. These access keys are active on every page of this web site. The capitalized and underlined letter indicates which keyboard key performs a certain function (e.g., 'A' brings up the 'About' web page).

Access keys are used here to provide keyboard-only access to the most important pages of this website. Keyboard-only access is often faster, for experienced users, and can be essential for users with some types of disabilities, or for use on computer systems that lack a mouse or other pointing device. Combined with a text-to-speech reader, access keys make operation of this web site possible without a display device (computer monitor).

Activating an access key is done differently in different web browsers:

  • FireFox (version 2.0 and subsequent) users type 'SHIFT+ALT+[Access Key]'.
  • Internet Explorer (version 4.0 and subsequent) users first type 'ALT+[Access Key]', then type 'Enter'.
  • Netscape (version 6.2 and subsequent) users type 'ALT+[Access Key]'.
  • Opera (version 7.02 and subsequent) users type 'SHIFT+ESC+[Accesskey]'