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  • Flood protection and management for the Lower Illinois River system, Phase III : real-time simulation of floods with managed LDD storage options


  • This report documents the structure and the use of an improved version of the Windows-based interface of the unsteady flow model, UNET. This interface was developed by the Illinois State Water Survey for the Office of Water Resources, Illinois Department of Natural Resources. The current version of the interface program can download historic, real-time, and forecasted stage and flow data from U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and National Weather Service Web sites interactively. These data can be used to update an existing Data Storage System (DSS) database or to create new ones. The interface allows the user to create or update gaging station information in a Microsoft Access database. The user can create project files to run the UNET model for historic, design, real-time, and forecasted flood events. The graphing function allows plotting of single and multiple hydrographs, or stage profiles of a single reach and multiple reaches. The utility tools include screen captures, document editing, and DSS file editing. This interface program uses the original UNET generic geometry and boundary condition files to maintain the same level of accuracy as the UNET model, but it also allows the user to change some of the parameters, such as, the simulation time interval, time windows, and numerical Corant number, and etc., in the BC file. Real-time simulation of a flood event simulates flood stage profiles using real-time stage and flow data downloaded from related Web sites. Locations and magnitudes of levee overtopping will be displayed for the lower Illinois River should these occur. The interface program lets the user modify parameters to simulate simple levee failure or two types of complicated embankment failures, overtopping and piping. Simulations also can be performed using the modified levee information, such as breaches or revised crest elevations. The change of water surface elevation induced by modifying levees can be compared with another simulation graphically and also in table format. Stage profiles from all simulations can be plotted together with levee heights on both sides of the channel along the Lower Illinois River to visually show the impacts of particular floods.

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