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  • The Illinois River Decision Support System (ILRDSS)


  • The Illinois River has become the focus of state and federal agencies interested in integrated management of watersheds. Issues related to habitat restoration, floodplain management, navigation, erosion and sedimentation, water quality, and point and nonpoint source pollution are all being discussed at the watershed level. One major result of these discussions is the Integrated Management Plan (IMP) for the Illinois River watershed. The plan includes 34 recommendations that are in the process of being implemented by different agencies at different paces and levels of intensity. The Illinois State Water Survey (ISWS) has played a major role in the development of the IMP and is actively participating in implementation of the plan. The implementation phase of the IMP involves questions and answers on a watershed-wide basis and is not limited to local or regional issues. Currently, there is no integrated tool to evaluate and predict hydrological and water quality responses to changes in the physical environment of the Illinois River basin. To fill this gap, the ISWS has initiated the development of the Illinois River Decision Support System (ILRDSS) for use in assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of different projects undertaken under the IMP as well as the consequences of other natural or human-induced changes in the watershed. The ILRDSS will integrate and expand existing databases and models for segments of the Illinois River and portions of the watershed into an integrated decision support system for the entire watershed. New databases and models also will be created for the entire watershed and to address important water quantity and quality issues. Links and interfaces will be developed that interconnect various databases and model components. Once developed and tested, the ILRDSS will enable decision-makers to answer "what-if" questions during the implementation phase of the IMP or other programs within the Illinois River system. The scenarios that can be evaluated using the ILRDSS may include climate shifts and fluctuations, land-use changes, and changes in regulations and water management practices. Using various combinations of these variables as input, the ILRDSS will generate output on potential hydrological and water quality responses of the Illinois River system for different temporal and spatial scales.

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